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Model: DEC-0195 Description: Bubble Flakes Wall Décor Dimension (mm): L930 x D40 x W770 Color: Champagne w/texture Material: Iron rod/sheet


Model: SG-0436 Description:  Made from plastic string and mendong, these decorative baskets provide a great storage solution for the clutters around your home. Sturdy handles are soft to the touch but strong enough for carting stored items. Comes in a set of 3 in small (S), medium (M) and large (L). with a combination of white, black and natural color in their respective patterns. Dimension (mm): S: Ø300 x H300/390 M: Ø350 x H330/430 L: Ø400 x H370/470 Color: White, black, natural Material: Plastic string, mendong


Model: TBT-0511 Description: Water hyacinth fiber printed with a white leaf motif - choice of a rectangular runner (TBT-0511/TR18) or placemat in a set of 2 (TBT-0511/PM). Dimension (mm): TBT-0511/PM: L460 x W350 TBT-0511/TR18: L1800 x W350 Color: Natural, white Material: Water hyacinth


Model: TBT-0513 Description: Water hyacinth runner (TBT-0513/TR18) with a white print motif. Also available as a placemat in set of 2 (TBT-0513/PM). Dimension (mm): TBT-0513/PM: L460 x W350 TBT-0513/TR18: L1800 x W350 Color: Natural, white Material: Water hyacinth


Model: 0709A Description: This outdoor wall sconce features a clean and simple design with a slanted hood which exudes warm light from the integrated Led lamp source. Rated IP54, it is a sleek addition to the exterior of your home. A stunning fixture for your entrance too! Dimension (mm): L180x W140 x H100 Color: Black Lamp Included: Led 5W 3000K Material: Aluminium


Model: 0710A Description: Featuring clear glass and a matt black finish, this versatile design works well with modern or industrial uptown chic interiors.  Rated IP54, it will look great at the entrance, walkway or  any outdoor space in need of extra lighting. Dimension (mm): L200 x W200 x H200 Color: Black Lamp Included: Edison E27 G45 4W Led Warmwhite Material: Aluminium, glass


Model: 1031W Description: This simple and minimalist wall light exudes a Scandinavian feel. It features a square wooden back plate with an on/off switch and a black metallic shade. The head swivels at the point of attachment, enabling you to adjust focused light to your preferred angle and direction. An ideal lamp for your bedside reading or light up a particular spot in your house. Dimension (mm): L140 x H140 x D80 mm Color: Black, brown Lamp: Edison G45 4W Led Warm White E27 Material: Iron, wood


Model: 10339 Description: Sleek and versatile, this minimalist looking linear light features a refined and functional design that will stand out in any room. Lightweight and in black, it is suitable for outfitting offices or illuminating modern homes. Perfect to place it over a kitchen island, office spaces, countertops, or wherever you'd like. Offers direct downward Warm White Led light with adjustable height  (max. 1200mm). Choose between suspension from the centre with a single pivotal point or via the 2 ends for a more secure support. Dimension (mm): 10339:  L1120 x Ø15 (Lamp Bar) 10669:  L1050 x Ø20 (Lamp Bar) Color: Black, white Lamp Included: Led 3000k, 16W (10339) or 20W (10669) Material: PVC (10339), acrylic (10669)


Model: 10457P Description: A minimalist pendant lamp with clear or opal glass and black metal detailing. Paired with an E27 Warm White Led lamp, it radiates a soft and harmonious glow when lit. A general all-purpose light that is  well suited for any room. Dimension (mm): Ø350 x H300 Color: Black/opal or black/clear Lamp: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Iron, glass


Model: 1100/9 Description: An ultimate chic for your dining or living areas! This modern design of 9 opal glass globes (Ø110 mm) individually suspended by curve arms originating from a metal hanging rod. Combination of rods (200 and 300 mm) allows height of the fitting to be adjusted to 600, 700 or 900 mm. Comes complete with 9xG9 Led Warm White lamp. Dimension (mm): Ø600 x H400 Color: Gold, white Lamp Included: Led 5W 220-240V Warm White G9 Material: Iron, glass


Model: P1192 Description:  An Edison bulb takes the centre stage in this simple fixture featuring a rectangular cuboid made of modern matte black frames with a wood element on top. A chic piece on its own (P1192/1), also looks great in a set of 3 mounted on a 900mm long bar (P1192/3). Match with modern Scandinavian style furnishing for best effects. Comes with an E27 lamp holder and a suspension cable of adjustable height (max. 1200mm). Dimension (mm): L180 x W180 x H280 Color Available: Black, light brown Lamp Included: Edison E27 A60 4W Led 2700K Material: Iron, wood


Model: 122x11 Description: Recess down light with a slim aluminium base and frosted glass diffuser providing light source in 360°. Choose between round (122611) or square (122711). Comes with GX53 Led 9W Warm White. Dimension (mm): 122611: Ø118 x H28 122711: L118 x W118 x H28 Color: Silver, white Lamp: GX53 9W Led 3000K Material: Aluminium, glass