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Model: 0709A Description: This outdoor wall sconce features a clean and simple design with a slanted hood which exudes warm light from the integrated Led lamp source. Rated IP54, it is a sleek addition to the exterior of your home. A stunning fixture for your entrance too! Dimension (mm): L180x W140 x H100 Color: Black Lamp Included: Led 5W 3000K Material: Aluminium


Model: 0710A Description: Featuring clear glass and a matt black finish, this versatile design works well with modern or industrial uptown chic interiors.  Rated IP54, it will look great at the entrance, walkway or  any outdoor space in need of extra lighting. Dimension (mm): L200 x W200 x H200 Color: Black Lamp Included: Edison E27 G45 4W Led Warmwhite Material: Aluminium, glass


Model: 160x11 Description: Ceiling/Wall light with an aluminium base and a frosted glass diffuser providing light source in 360°. Choose between round (160211) or square (160011), with the option to mount it on a wall or ceiling. Comes with GX53 Led 9W Warm White. Rated IP54 and suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Dimension (mm): 160211: Ø103 x H60 160011: W100 x D100 x H60 Color: Silver, white Lamp: GX53 9W Led 3000K Material: Aluminium, glass


Model: 629311 Description: A small and sleek ceiling light emitting indirect light, providing an ambient light source. Comes with in-built 10w Led Warm White. Rated IP54, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Dimension (mm):  Ø120 x H50 Color: White Lamp Included: Led 10W Warm White Material: Aluminium, polycarbonate


Model: 646A11 Description: A simple cube with openings at the top and bottom, projecting light upwards and downwards. 2 adjustable flaps allow you to easily adjust the beam angle of light to achieve the desired visual effect. Select to have the light beam projected fully upwards, fully downwards, or opt for more light shining upwards than down, and vice versa. Rated IP65, it is suitable for both outdoor or indoor lighting. Dimension (mm): W100 x H100 x D100 Color: Black or white Lamp: 2x3W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium


Model: 64AN41 Description: An elongated cube with an opal shade enclosed in a metal frame, projecting light downwards and sideways.  Suitable as a ceiling or wall light. Rated IP65, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. Comes with AC10w Led in Warm White. Dimension (mm):  L100 x W100 x H120 Color:  Black, white Lamp Included:  AC10W 3000K Led Material: Aluminium, polycarbonate


Model: 64AR11-200-IP65 BK Description: This minimalist Led wall sconce features a rectangular, curve piece of metal. It provides indirect light that spreads upwards through the room via reflection on the wall. Comes with an in-built Led Warm White light source, it is rated IP65 and is suitable for your both indoor and outdoor use. Dimension (mm): W200 x H76 x D75 Color: Black Lamp: AC 8W Led, 3000K Material: Aluminium


Model: WL64R921-IP65 Bk/Gd Description: Stylish and chic, this contemporary fixture is a must to have for those seeking a stylish ambient light. At its best when lighted, warm and intense light diffused through the vertical openings of the black/gold finish wall sconce.‎ Rated IP65, it comes with an in-built Led Warm White light source and transparent safety tempered glass diffuser. Dimension (mm): W80 x H500 x D92 Color: Black/gold Lamp: AC 2x4W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium,  glass


Model: WL64V641-IP65 BK Description: An interesting circular luminaire for installation on a façade/wall.‎ The 4 Leds within the fitting shine light up, down, left and right creating a wonderful lighting pattern. Position it at an angle of your choice to direct its beam in the desired direction for a personalised appearance. Installing multiple fittings close together gives a spectacular effect. At IP65, it is ideal for both interior and exterior use. Dimension (mm): Ø100 x H88 Color: Black Lamp: 4x3W Led, 3000K Material: Aluminium


Model: 680419 Description: IP 67 rated, this weatherproof Led spotlight is an ideal solution for outdoor landscapes, parks, houses, garden and heritage building lighting. Choose between instant, fuss-free spike installation, or mounting on hard surfaces to accentuate an overall look. Comes with an adjustable head, integral constant current driver, transparent safety tempered glass diffuser and in-built Warm White Led light source. Dimension (mm): Ø88 x L135, Spike Ø44.5 x H168 Color: Aluminium Lamp: Led 6x1W, 3000K Material: Aluminium, tempered glass


Model: 683E11 Description: Bollard lights are ideal for illuminating pathways and landscapes for pedestrian use and safety. At IP65, this round post style fixture of 1.2 feet high projects light horizontally and downward to provide necessary lighting for walkways. Available in coffee or black in color, it comes with an integral constant current driver, frosted polycarbonate cover and in-built Warm White Led light source. Dimension (mm): Ø198 x H368 Color: Coffee or black Lamp: Led 28x0.3W, 3000K Material: Aluminium, polycarbonate


Model: 683V11 Description: Besides enhance visibility at night, this weatherproof outdoor luminaire also highlight architecture and landscape features, shrubs and small trees or defining flower beds to arrest attention. Choose between one-step fuss-free spike installation, or secured mounting to a solid surface. Rated IP 67, it has an adjustable head and comes with an integral constant current driver, transparent safety tempered glass diffuser and in-built Warm White Led light source. Dimension (mm): Ø88 x L135, Spike Ø44.5 x H168 Color: Black Lamp: Led 7W, 3000K Material: Aluminium, tempered glass