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649Z11 WH

Model: 649Z11 WH Description: This adjustable wall sconce makes a perfect bedside fixture. A square backplate anchors the piece as a circular shade offers direct light source from an integrated Led. The piece can be rotated 360° on a vertical axis to direct its beam in the desired direction, providing focused light where you need. It can also be mounted horizontally for use as a ceiling light. Rated IP65, it is suitable for outdoor use as well. Dimension (mm): W80 x H85.4 x D93 Color: White Lamp: AC 4W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium


Model: WL64R921-IP65 Bk/Gd Description: Stylish and chic, this contemporary fixture is a must to have for those seeking a stylish ambient light. At its best when lighted, warm and intense light diffused through the vertical openings of the black/gold finish wall sconce.‎ Rated IP65, it comes with an in-built Led Warm White light source and transparent safety tempered glass diffuser. Dimension (mm): W80 x H500 x D92 Color: Black/gold Lamp: AC 2x4W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium,  glass


Model: WL64V641-IP65 BK Description: An interesting circular luminaire for installation on a façade/wall.‎ The 4 Leds within the fitting shine light up, down, left and right creating a wonderful lighting pattern. Position it at an angle of your choice to direct its beam in the desired direction for a personalised appearance. Installing multiple fittings close together gives a spectacular effect. At IP65, it is ideal for both interior and exterior use. Dimension (mm): Ø100 x H88 Color: Black Lamp: 4x3W Led, 3000K Material: Aluminium


Model: 79B076-2 Description: Simple and minimalist, this quirky wall lamp features a white opal globe jauntily perched on top of a semi round concrete sphere providing an ambient and diffused warm light. This wall lamp comes with a Warm White Led bulb. Dimension (mm): H190 x W120 x D122 Colors Available: Black, Red, White Lamp Included: Led 3W 220-240V Warm White G9 Material: Concrete, Glass

Classic Ambra

Model: Classic 101 ABB Description: Classic is synonymous with Siru's history. This Venetian lantern is the model that first started the tradition of glassblowing in a cage, expertly manufactured by the hands of craftsmen and the work of master glass-blowers. As proof to their artisan origins, each piece is original and perfectly unique, having some slight imperfection that bear witness to their handcrafted nature. Classic comes in amber color with a Baloton finish and as a pendant in 3 sizes. To bring out the best effect, we pair it with an Led Edison Bulb for ambient lighting. A wall mounted version is also available. Dimension (mm): MS101-030: Ø230 x H300 MS101-040: Ø300 x H430 MS101-060: Ø450 x H620 MB101-040: Ø300 x H600 x D420 Color: Amber Lamp: E27 Edison A60 4W Led 2700K Material: Murano glass, steel

Cobra 90

Model: Cobra 90 Description: Cobra is a stylish wall mounted Led smart lamp with a fully adjustable, flexible stem. The light has a touch-activated switch and comes with a USB charging socket that supports the latest generation smart phones and tablets. The unit comes with a detachable optional back plate that can be removed for installation directly onto furniture and bedsteads. Cobra 90 has a 90 cm stem covered in natural leather; in white leather with white inner hood or in brown leather with gold anodized inner hood. Dimension (mm): L1040 x W90 Color: White or brown Lamp: Led 2.5W Warm White 3000-3500K 160° Material: Steel, aluminium, leather


Model: Lighthouse Description: Lighthouse is an innovative lampshade from innermost. Using a Fresnel lens system, an array of lenses help create a stunning optical effect. By taking one light bulb and multiply, this shade offers a technical look in a light fitting that is as simple as it is possible to get.  A wide choice of sizes is available, suitable for pendants, floor lamps, table, or flush mount purposes. While the Lighthouse Pendant comes with Satin Nickel ceiling rose, polycarbonate shade and a clear PVC cable of adjustable height, Lighthouse wall light comes complete with top and bottom diffuser. An E27 Warm White Led lamp is included. Dimension (mm): Lighthouse Shade 46x30: Ø460 x H300 Lighthouse Shade 60x30: Ø600 x H300  Lighthouse Wall: W280 x H200 x D120 Lamp: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Steel, Polycarbonate

WL2268/A2 AB

Model: WL2268/A2 AB Description: 100% made in Italy, this antique brass finish wall bracket comes with alabaster and Led lamp. Dimension (mm): L500 x H290 x D230 Color: Antique brass Lamp: 2 x E14 Candle Bulb 4W Led Warm White Material: Brass, alabaster

WL3000 FG

Model: WL3000 FG Description: 100% made in Italy, this French gold finished wall light is available in 3 other variants. A Warm White Led lamp is included. Dimension (mm): 3000/A1:  W250 x H380 x D190 3000/A2: W320 x H380 x D130 3000/A3: W320 x H380 x D180 3000/A5: W320 x H550 x D190 Color: French gold Lamp:1, 2, 3 or 5 x E14 Candle Bulb Led 4W Warm White Material: Brass


Model: WL646A11 Description: A simple cube with openings at the top and bottom, projecting light upwards and downwards onto the wall. 2 adjustable flaps with allow you to easily adjust the beam angle of light to achieve the desired visual effect. Select to have the light beam projected fully upwards, fully dowwards, or opt for more light shining upwards than down, and vice versa. Rated IP65, it is suitable for both outdoor or indoor lighting. Dimension (mm): W100 x H100 x D100 Color: Black or white Lamp: 2x3W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium


Model: WL647TL11 WH Description: A simple and minimalist wall sconce featuring a simple circular ring. Availablle in 2 sizes, it provides indirect lighting with a pleasant ambience. Comes with an in-built Warm White Led light source and driver. Dimension (mm): 647T11: W79.5 x H40 x D109 647L11: W108 x H60 x D144 Color: White Lamp: 4W or 7W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium


Model: 649FG21 Description: An Led up down wall lamp, minimalist design with smooth edges and ultra-thin body to fit in every room. Made from aluminium, it comes in 2 sizes and has a matt white or black finish. The light source is from the top and bottom of the fitting and is produced by in-built Warm White Led. Rated IP65, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Dimension (mm): 649F21: L110 x H90 x D40 649G21: L170 x H90 x D40 Color:  White or Black Lamp: 24x0.3W or 36x0.3W  Warm White Led Material: Aluminium,  acrylic