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Minimalistic, raw, vintage, all in one light.


The ability to see is attributed to the retina lenses of our eyes, but we often forget about the presence of light! From the natural light that comes from the sun to the street lamp that lights our path as we walk home to the table lamp lit beside you as you read this blog post… Light is something that is all around us, and can often be taken for granted as something that comes naturally.  We all know that Thomas Edison created the very first commercially viable incandescent light bulb, which simply consisted of a filament which was heated until it started glowing.  From then on, the lighting industry has certainly evolved as carbon filament was replaced by a tungsten filament, to compact fluorescent lamps and now the Light Emitting Diodes, or more commonly known as LED.

However, just as how the 90’s fashion is coming back into style, so is Edison’s design of bulbs, which displays a simplistic design of the bulb alone.  The “Edison-style” is a classic that can fit what youngsters would coin as vintage vibes, minimalistic looks and raw style, that can be seen making a comeback in cafes and restaurants.

My pick would be this quirky design which offers a unique interpretation of the simplistic light bulb.