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Model: 931800 Description:  Metal floor lamp with a black lacquered stand and a leaf motif. Topped with a floral velvet shade in Victorian style print. A great addition to enhance the decor and ambience of your living room. Made in France by SCE. Dimension (mm): Ø500 x H1460 Color: Black, beige Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Fabric, iron alloy


Model: A86GDLT Description: Enjoy the natural beauty of your plants in and around the home, both day and night. At IP65, these luminescent planters are well-suited for a variety of different applications. Place them along a path for added greenery during the day and a welcoming glow at night, or as functional light source inside the home to illuminate dark hallways and bathrooms, as well as brighten up corners and tucked away niches where plants will add life and color.  Also great as an ice bucket when entertaining either indoor or outdoors. Choice of 3 different designs and sizes, ideal for your roof deck, patio, swimming pool area and living room, also great for  bar, restaurant, spa and hotels. Dimension (mm):  T41070: W410 x D410 x H700 T42060: Ø400 x H600 T50105: W500 x D500 x H1050 Color: White Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Polyethylene


Model: Aladin Description: The magic of metallic and dichroic glasses... When lit, Aladin gives shifting colours depending on the angle of view, displaying an array of colours and the bulb at the same time. Dimension (mm): 2136CH (mm): Ø86 x H405 9517CH (mm): Ø86 x H1445, Base Ø205 Color: Silver Lamp Included: Halogen G9 40W Material: Glass, steel


Model: CB380X38 Description: Rated IP 65, this cuboidal light is suitable for both indoor or outdoors. Besides providing a functional light source, it can double up as a side table (CB38138) or  a planter (CB38038).  Good for the seating areas in your veranda, patio or decking. Comes with a 3m cable and an E27 Led Warm White Lamp. Dimension (mm):  W380 x D380 x H380 Color: White Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Polyethylene


Model: FL674x11 Description: This minimalist Led task floor lamp features a flexible head which can be adjusted left, right, up or down. It also has a touch-activated dimming switch, enabling you select light with different levels of brightness and target it where you need. Use it as a reading lamp next to your favorite chair, or as a bright work light in an office setting. Available in a round or square head with in-built Warm White Led light source. Dimension (mm): Stand: L220 x W180 x H1235 Led Head: L130 x W130 x H20 (674411), Ø138 x H20 (674711)   Color: White Lamp: 28x0.3W Led, Warm White Material: Aluminium


Model: FL702/30W Description: This high table with built-in light has a cage-like stand. It does double duty as a floor lamp and a high table, perfect for giving your food a little lift. Comes in 30W Cool White Led. Dimension (mm): Ø460 x H1240 Color: White Lamp Included: 30W Led 4100K Material: Iron, glass


Model: FL703/35W Description: This light up table is ideal for use as a side or coffee table, while illuminating the room at the same time. It features a cage-like stand and a round glass top with integrated Cool White Led. Dimension (mm): Ø600 x H720 Color: White Lamp Included: 35W Led 4100K Material: Iron, glass


Model: FL788 Description: This table luminaire features a marble base and a natural wooden top with a frosted acrylic diffuser integrated underneath it. It does double duty as floor lamp and small round table. Comes in 2 different heights for use as a high or end table. Dimension (mm): FL788/L16W: Ø400 x H710 FL788/L18W: Ø400 x H1285 Color: White/black/wood Lamp: 16W or 18W Led, 3000K Material: Iron, wood, marble, acrylic


Model: FL825 Description:  An indoor floor lamp featuring shelves to hold books and other small decor items. This shelf floor lamp is available in white with a choice of 2 or 3 shelves of height  1050mm and 1450mm respectively. Warm White Led light source and frosted acrylic diffusers are integrated in the rim of each shelf. Dimension (mm): FL825/L2: W340 x H1050 x D480 FL825/L3: W340 x H1450 x D480 Color: White Lamp: 2x10W or 3x10W Led, 3000K Material: Iron, acrylic, silicone


Model: FLLAMP.05 Description: This simple and minimalist Led floor lamp features a semi-frosted cylindrical glass shade (Ø30mm) supported by an aluminium holder. Its slim profile makes it ideal for adding a point of light where you prefer, to create an atmosphere or as an extra light source to seating areas. Comes with Led G4 2W Warm White Led lamp. Dimension (mm): Ø110 x H1375 Color: Aluminium Lamp Included: Led G4 2W, Warm White Material: Iron, glass, aluminium

Lighthouse Tripod

Model: Lighthouse Tripod Description: Take one light bulb and multiply. The magical fresnel lenses in the Lighthouse shade create multiple reflections and never ending shadows from a single bulb. Besides using as a pendant, this innovative shade looks perfect when matched with the Tripod bases. Tripod base is a minimal, discreet, flat pack lamp base available in a Satin Nickel finish and 2 sizes. The floor base is height adjustable. Lighthouse Tripod table and floor light come complete with Lighthouse lampshades, Tripod bases and E27 Led Warm White Led lamp. Dimension (mm): Lighthouse Tripod FL: Base W700 x H120-150, Shade Ø600 x H300 Lighthouse Tripod 35: Base W210 x H350, Shade Ø300 x H200 Color: Satin Nickel Lamp: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Steel, Polycarbonate


Model: M1628-5038 Description: Rated IP 65, this outdoor lamp features a fully enclosed polyethylene cone shade with a 3m cable. Ideal for creating an atmosphere or as an extra light source to seating areas in your veranda or patio. We pair it with E27 Led 10W Warm White Lamp. Choice of Table Light (M1628) or Floor Light with a red pull switch (M5038-1.85). Dimension (mm): M1628: L280 x D280 x H520 (Shade: top Ø150, bottom Ø280, H230) M5038-1.85: L500 x D500 x H1850 (Shade: top Ø300, bottom Ø500, H450)  Color: Dark grey, white, red Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Polyethylene, aluminium, steel


Model: Oria Description:  Drum shape canvas shade with  arabesques. Choice of golden and black or silvery and black with complementary gold or chrome finished metal stem resting on a round base. Available as table or floor lamp, ideal for giving the additional lighting to any room. Made in France by SCE. Dimension (mm): Table Lamp S421105MC/S421100LS: Ø300 x H540 Floor Lamp S933605MC/S933600LS: Ø400 x H1580 Color: Black/silver or black/gold Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Fabric, iron alloy


Model: Pasila Description: “The Pasila series is inspired by modern architecture, elegantly combining sharp and round contours. The same shade works perfectly with four different applications: pendant, wall-mounted, floor, and table lamps. The design leaves the bulb socket in full view. The magic of the design is in the details, such as drawing attention to the cord and using an indirect light source. In this series, the design language of the 1950s combines seamlessly with current design trends.”– Juho Pasila Pasila comes complete with a Warm White Led bulb. Dimension (mm): Pasila Floor: H1280 x W210 x D450 Pasila Table: H590 x W210 x D340 Color: Black or white Lamp: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Aluminium

Salice RP429-185 CFO

Model: Salice RP429-185 CFO Description: Salice is a reproduction of willow foliage in Murano glass, expertly manufactured by the hands of craftsmen and the work of master glass-blowers. Thin metal wires direct its shape and replace its branches from top to bottom. The gold leaf is applied after the whole production cycle, patiently glued to allow light to pass through the cracks that are formed in a natural way during application. Each piece perfectly unique to its own, this classic floor lamp easily gives its style to any environment. Dimension (mm): L320 x H1858 x D350, H(shade)440. Color: Gold Lamp Included: Philips Led Bulb 10W E27 3000K 230V (Eyecomfort) Material: Murano glass, steel


Model: SR3104075 Description: Bask in the glow of your favourite shade of light emitted from this cylindrical column! Rated IP 65, this polyethylene  outdoor lamp comes with 3W RGB Led, a remote control and 3m cable. It can be illuminated in a wide range of colors and shades controlled by remote. Set it to your favourite color to create the desired mood, or watch it cycle through a series of gently glowing color changes. Great for creating an atmosphere for everyday use or special occasions such as weddings or parties.  Choice of 400mm or 750mm height. Dimension (mm):  SR31040: Ø300 x H400 SR31075: Ø300 x H750 Color: White Lamp Included: Led 3W RGB Material: Polyethylene